UFO over the Everglades, FL

I have  finally put together this composition from an old sketch made from the sighting of a UFO at close sight over the everglades. While living in Florida, my friends and I decided to go see the band, Dead Can Dance, in Miami. We piled into a classic looking van and drove up Route 60. After an exciting but exhausting concert, we piled back into the van and started to head home. Suddenly, we were caught in a circle of strange lights that hovered above us. With a shrill of screams echoing throughout the van, we quickly sped up trying to flee the levitating triangle above us. Suddenly, in a classic X-Files moment, the van stalled and we were forced to pull off to the side of the road. My best friend (and the driver), Victor, stepped out of the car despite everyone’s panicked warnings. Victor, almost hypnotized, stared up at the hovering craft and began to walk forward. Just then, we found ourselves driving back on the interstate without any recollection of how the car started again with two hours completely unaccounted for. To this day, only my friend Victor and I remember the metallic aircraft and its brilliant halo of lights. Everyone else in the van that night has no memory of the UFO.

18 thoughts on “UFO over the Everglades, FL

  1. As I was driving back from Ft Lauderdale on October 21st at 11:11 Pm I saw this exact ship hovering low over Alligator Alley going at a very slow pace. This depiction is exactly what we saw! Great job recreating the craft! ANy other contact since?

    1. I know, it has taken me a long time to try to accept and understand this “phenomena” I hope you are doing well! I currently live in Tokyo and I have a feeling they probably stopped Fukushima from disaster!

  2. wow i cannot believe the sketch that is here.i saw this exact thing .i travel this road a lot and i was coming back to tampa about 230 in the morning on alligator alley .from a distance i could see what looked to be a street light in the median,but they dont have them.anyways as i approached i looked left and up and saw this exact thing and nothing when i turned around to look at it.me and my passenger did not talk until we got to fort myers,quite some time later.WOW

    1. Do you have any Flashbacks? If you do you are not alone!

      1. no,no flashbacks but my girl did get a call from someone with the #0 three times about 20 minutes later, no need to say that she did not pick it up. i sometimes want to drive the alley at night to try and see this again

  3. I saw the same thing last night. I thought I was going a little insane. as I was driving to naples I saw a blinking bright blue light ahead. I thought it was too low or to bright to be an airplane. when I drove under it I looked up and it had the same image you have in the picture. I asked my husband if he saw it but he didn’t.

  4. You are not Insane, and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have studied many sketches from many other witnesses, I have a feeling this UFO “ship” was on some kind of mission. There was two other people in the back of the van that night, they have no clear memory of the incident!

  5. I saw 7 objects yesterday at 8 pm west of weston rd , north of State Rd 84 took some pictures but they got far when I had my phone ready for the pics

    1. ~Pictures are always tough to capture.

  6. October 22, 2013 – I traveled last night (10/21/13) going from Cape Coral towards Ft. Lauderdale (East). About the last 40 minutes of my travel I saw a large object ahead. It was blinking on and off all white bright lights. I assumed it was an small-mid size airplane flying low. But typically airplanes only have two light and don’t blink on and off. This object was fully loaded with lighting all around it- and as I drove closer to it the object appeared to be very oddly shaped. As I approached it closer, I tried to get a closer look at the underneath of it. I slowed down and looked up and viewed it, and it was at that point I am thinking “gosh that looks like a weird spaceship or UFO.” I absolutely do not believe in that stuff – still don’t. I was by myself, so no one else saw it, but I told my husband about it and he said it was probably a cell tower – but all of the cell towers on that road have small red blinking lights – not bright white. So, I have no idea what it was. But just out of curiosity – I typed in google: (spaceship along Alligator Alley) and found these comments here.

    1. Thanks for sharing, quite spooky, I know the feeling.

  7. Oh I forgot to mention the time was approximately 12-12:15 am

  8. My friends who live off Nob Hill Road and Oakland Park Blvd keep informing me of some lights they see out in the Everglades every now and then that seem to move in ways our aircraft just can’t do! I have not seen this myself but they swear it happens and I believe them. I have known one of them for over 20 years and he is not the type to just make up a story! He is super serious about the lights that move quickly from east to west and then north to south and back again with quick flight and bright colors (sometimes red I believe they said). So whoever lives out west near the Everglades…pay attention to the night skies for UFOs!

    1. Part of the reason I have become so interested in astronomy, alien life and the idea of space travel was because of the sighting of the UFO, I am also very happy I had a friend with me the night of the event.

  9. Between Miami and the first rest area, always around midnight on the approach to MIA; I prefer the round one’s myself.

  10. Years ago, closer to when you posted this, I was in the passenger seat of my car while my friend was driving as I was moving back from west to east coast of FL. I 1000000% saw the same thing, as did my friend who was driving. For me I don’t know how to explain it but it was a sense of complete calm and serenity. Like there was nothing to fear at all. I’ve always believed but ever since then I have been infatuated with other worldly beings and possibilities.

    1. Maybe it is all a dream outside a dream! Thanks for sharing.

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