The Botbat was created by The Batramix Super Computer on planet Batsteroid. It was intended to be a guide and guardian for the computer system however Batsteroid was attacked by an intergalactic fleet of rogue miners. The miners captured and used Botbat for hard labor for 70 Earth years, eventually abandoning him when his battery diminished on the martian landscape. In the year 2089, an experimental space shuttle called The Glacier Swift led by captain and entrepreneur Max Conybear spotted the reflection of Botbat’s icy shell on the north polar ice caps of Mars. Botbat was rescued near the Mare Boreum Quadrangle and brought back to Earth. Once there, Captain Max and his energy corporation, Solar Blix, were able to restore Botbat back to his original self. Captain Max Conybear now calls on Botbat to help him resolve situations involving human crime, evil robots and (quite often) extraterrestrial invaders.

Botbat has several capabilities to aid him in his adventures:

  • The ability to translate more than 120 languages and alien hieroglyphs
  • Strength equivalent to a speeding 4 mile asteroid
  • The ability to fly intergalactically using propulsion streams in his legs
  • Magnification of his sight up  to twenty one thousand times
  • Antigravity Lasers deployed from his posterior
  • An electro-brain that can detect people’s criminal activities
  • Drill-fingers to assist in rescue or construction operations
  • Laser drill guns in his finger tips
  • EMP cannon in his chest

Despite his abilities and humanitarian efforts, Botbat is often shunned by the human governments of Earth for being a robot-alien hybrid. As a result, he is often subjected to questions about his alien technology and his nocturnal behaviour and solitude.

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