“The Black Queen”

“The Queen of Hearts Kingdom, Tokyo”

“I found some inspiration!”

“Crypticly and crypticon”! cried the Black Queen. She became so suddenly furtive and silent that she began to disappear amongst the spring flowers. “Now, I’m opening  a wormhole through the edge of the garden that leads to a story which was never written. Disperse, you two!”

She commanded. She looked at the basket and continued to vanish into the wood.

“Oh, my. I hope he is waiting. I wonder if he will have that silver mouth harp of his. No time!  Put on your vest, stalwart. Time to slay a dragon. ‘Thy island of light will be able to mend all in Blue Fang. It will be great to walk amongst friends again. Be benevolent, forward!”


(Watercolor & Ink)

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