Gabot and Gala: Mini Gloom Paper Dolls

Gabot is of gloomy uprooting. He compulsively dresses in black and white-striped clothes. Shaded by lightning, crazy hair, his one gloomy eye sees through to the other side. He likes to catch small lightning bolts with Gala, the girl who lives up the tumbleweed hill from him.  He enjoys hunting ghosts and is an accomplished chopstick thrower. His favorite dance is the deadly cacao waltz. Gala is a gloomy vamp. She has a stoic look and short, black hair. She commonly wears black, vintage safari hats and dresses to match her  long, flowing octopus sleeves.  According to  Gabot, Gala spies on bird watchers and likes eating burnt cookies . During Winter, Gala and Gabot leave this world to cross to the other side using Gabot’s skull tandem bicycle built for two. Gabot is musically inclined and is often heard playing his harmonica in old graveyards while Gala enjoys making dolls from the old bones of dead crows. Together, they are phantasmic twins who take tea at twilight and interlope until morning comes.

To download a PDF copy of the Gabot and Gala paper dolls, click here.
To download a PDF copy of their clothes, click  here.

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