Halloween Forecast

Halloween Forecast by Optivionこのアーティストの作品を見る曲をプレビューするには、タイトルの上にマウスを移動して再生ボタンをクリックしてください。音楽を購入、ダウンロードするには iTunes を開いてください。
Halloween Forecast by optivion
Why so many ghoulish trends? A fiendish return with skeleton patterns and specter-esque garments flutter like fake grins and a mouth full of yearly candy corn! There is also a test that each spooky visionary has to discover. Halloween’s quiet pulse, especially now that goblins go facebook zombie and bananas before consumers have even had a haunting chance to get to the store and make a deal. Run before vampiristic advertising campaigns find you! Muahahahaha!

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