Once Upon A Time!

Disney - Snow white is a bloody robot

Snow White might be a robot!

Optivion -Disney Peter-pan


Optivion - Alligator


Optivion Disney's Desk

Optivion - Disney Abraham Lincoln Audio-Animatronic

Optivion - Disney

OptivioN - Disney - The Price Of Fame.

The price of fame.

Optivion - disney maleficent dragon

Optivion - Disney Maharajan Jungle

Optivion - tree of life

 Adrenaline Shot for the Tree of Life!

Optivion - Disney World Spooky

Optivion -Animal Kingdom Bat House

Optivion -Disney Fireworks

Had a season pass to Walt Disney World so I photographed a bunch of broken fairytale dreams and sweaty spooky characters walking around at the Magic Kingdom.  I love Tokyo Disney, but the old attractions, mad fireworks, musical howling and dark Disney characters made Walt Disney a fun visit.  Hot humid fantasy becomes a reality as you get lost and puke from heat exhaustion from the Florida sun burning a hole in your brain.  I would recommend tracking down a map and heading towards Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and my favourite: The Haunted Mansion.


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