New Translator Signal Album

Something strange comes this way and complies through my guitar, vintage harmonicas and my Mac. A tone is moving forward organized by quantum energy fighting all the clean current ideas and whatever is trending on youtube, hopefully making some nurturing vibes along the way. 

‘I have watched Microaggressions inside all the strange political correct colors and used rainbow Trigger warnings to avoid the consumers who are brain washed and zombified by modern television and radio.’

 I made a new album. Inside I try to use intuitive surreal static driven distortion with practical machine beats. I’m not a snob on the need to always use the right notes, I don’t see every lego piece made for a purpose, all balanced with the scale and the forms. A simple installation of sound waves and guitar howls does fine for me and the record.

I keep painting on old forgotten canvases creating new warlocks and flying vixens for a future gallery art show, while drawing sketches of galactic warriors, distant nebulas, and making up stories to fit in a fantasy book.

“I believe you keep juggling sketches, hustling time, drawing words, painting curves, stargazing and writing. Eventually it is a quantum Lego world you are building, ignore the current trends and reality based san serifs with plastic lips trying to hypnotize consumers and sell you crap!”


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