The Nebula Chase

To mark the launch of The Nebula Chase, I am thrilled to reveal a new project in the works inspired by music and art created and influenced by journeys through the years. Making a start and creating a spark of sound to fabricate a graphic novel series with Galactic bounty hunters and space pirates, machine planets, nebula surfers, and dynamic foes, the world of The Nebula Chase blasts off with a new song you can download on Spotify or Amazon. A cosmic adventure with new characters, retro spaceships, awesome art, and powerful ideas.

The Nebula Chase by Optivion

Art from Nebula ChaseNebula Bounty Hunter

Wideshot Galactic from Nebula Chase!

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2 thoughts on “The Nebula Chase

  1. Looking for it to be published, can’t wait to read it!

  2. Very happy for you dear. We miss your hard-work at the kitchen. Thank you for being a wonderful volunteer during hard winters here in Easty.

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