Life on Mars? How Else to Explain This Mars Rover Photographs?



Optivion - Mars Harmonica
Optivion - Life on Mars

Optivion - Best Alien Music

Optivion - Teleport

It was simply my harmonica!

(The atmosphere in Mars is less than 1% of Earth’s, so it is quite hard to play a tune!)

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The Burning Man

Optivion - The Burning Man (DUNE)

I heard the call from the Burning Man in the strange Nevada desert.  I remember the sudden heat, the dry spell and the traffic made of steel carriages marching like a flock of retarded steampunk turtles in to the Black Rock City.  Like Mad Max I seem like a dystopian action figure trying to find the path beyond the thirsty cracks.

Optivion - Burning Man Dream Sequence

Through the colorful trip I watched naked girls bathing in small yellow dunes and the gestures of metal skeletons and belly dancers passing by.  The need of water was a reminder of my humanity, but I was happy that my black and white striped bicycle made it through the mystical dust storms. Who could forget the initiation in to a wondering cyberpunk clan that found me upside down tuning my guitar and the smell of peyote gears hovering early in the morning as the frantic vivid rainbows drove me deep in to sleep late at night!

Optivion - Burning Man The Aliens signal

The silent alien cargo cult was hidden very well.  The mechanical drums blasting from smelly tents made smoke signals in to the night and the neon ropes called the rhythms of forgotten language.  On the night of my performance I stepped in to a dream sequence I don’t soundly recall.  Out of all the fire balls, the madness  and the robotic dances, I thought I saw Sean “Diddy” Combs beyond the baking playa, rising from a golden commercial pyramid with a small army of rappers ready to colonize the desert. It was an interesting dream and it was fun, but once down the desert  hole is quite enough!

OptivioN - The Harmonica is my weapon of choice

(The Harmonica being my weapon of choice)




UFO over the Everglades, FL

I have  finally put together this composition from an old sketch made from the sighting of a UFO at close sight over the everglades. While living in Florida, my friends and I decided to go see the band, Dead Can Dance, in Miami. We piled into a classic looking van and drove up Route 60. After an exciting but exhausting concert, we piled back into the van and started to head home. Suddenly, we were caught in a circle of strange lights that hovered above us. With a shrill of screams echoing throughout the van, we quickly sped up trying to flee the levitating triangle above us. Suddenly, in a classic X-Files moment, the van stalled and we were forced to pull off to the side of the road. My best friend (and the driver), Victor, stepped out of the car despite everyone’s panicked warnings. Victor, almost hypnotized, stared up at the hovering craft and began to walk forward. Just then, we found ourselves driving back on the interstate without any recollection of how the car started again with two hours completely unaccounted for. To this day, only my friend Victor and I remember the metallic aircraft and its brilliant halo of lights. Everyone else in the van that night has no memory of the UFO.