Desert Power


Scheduled to create mighty #Optivion sonic waves at the intergalactic Burningman.

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Download new single : The Exit and The Road

#NASASocial Star Trek Beyond

The fruition of interstellar travel and planetary colonization is only a few decades away.
I was selected to be part of Beyond the Fiction NASA Social at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md

optivion -  #nasa

Composer Michael Giacchino and the National Symphony Orchestra at Wolf Trap were amazing: performing an enigmatic score from Star Trek: Into Darkness live! The discussion before the show was informative and wonderful, all about Star Trek’s influence on the NASA culture, Vulcan misfits, and the space race.

optivion -  nasa social spock

Between all Star Trek realms, we see the same consistency for space fashion, travel design, future exploration, and universal wonder.

Optivion -  Nasa StarTreck

In the meantime, human-bound stargazers can follow the stars into the night sky and find these soft-spacy digital images fun to absorb.

optivion -  #NASASocial 4

optivion -  #NASASocial 3

optivion -  StarTrek #NasaSocial KhanBelow I have my digital interpretation of the Hubble Space Telescope from the control center and the upcoming secret ICESat-2 spacecraft mission!

optivion -  nasa


Happy 4th of July

Technological, creative, splintered, combatant, resilient and united with dreams of peace for every life:  America is a work in progress, Happy 4th!!


::::::Making #Art::::::

~Download the new single ‘Wolf in the Veins’ on iTunes

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optivion tour art flyer

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Tropical Robot Lovers Unite at The Burg!!

Drafting : Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe

Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe — at 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“Fun, but no photos allowed.”

OPTIVION -  GAUDI CHAIR Casa Calvet Armchair (heart-shaped back)

Ink Sketch : Casa Calvet Armchair
( Heart – shaped back )

Artist Antoni Gaudí sketch by Optivion

My graphite sketch of Antoni Gaudí.

Optivion - 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“The museum : a place of visual remedy and creative rejuvenation.”

(長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum.)

More info:


Happy New Year : Take a Photo, Sing or Make Some New #Art !

Optivion -Happy New Year

Optivion - Japan


Ideas for The New Year

“Hold an umbrella in one hand and a surprise in the other!” 

Find a new book, make some terrible art work. Get lost in a new city. Explore good magic and keep learning new skills! Write a poem, bake some cookies for a friend. Make a treasure map, and if you find  a new key in the clue, make a copy!

Optivion -New Year is here

Perhaps the most important of all, sing your favorite song, loud and clear and don’t worry so much about the harmony!



Picturesque Scenery and a Merry Christmas.

Optivion - Blizzard

Optivion - Nature

“Fire melts ice, always has, always will.”

Optivion - A Christmas Fire Kumamon #japan

Optivion - Santa is a Bear

Kumamon is Santa?

OptivioN - Christmas in Japan

Optivion - Spooky Christmas

Optivion - Colonel Sanders Christmas

Optivion - Christmas Anime

Optivion - Pig

Optivion - Climb The Wall Reach The Castle

“Climb The Wall And Perhaps Reach The Castle”

Optivion - Wood from the castle

Optivion - Japan

The sun always rises.

Endorsing Creativity

Optivion - Happy New Year ND hAPPY nEW aRT

Put some shade and color in your day.
Who cares what they say: Make some art!

New Art by OptivioN

What is light and what is shadow?

New Art Sketch by Optivion

The piece below was influenced by a tax increase that pushed Japan’s economy into a recession.

Optivion - Sculpture - Recession Japan

Spooky! Been soundlessly working with sculpture.

Optivion - Three for the road sculpture

Empires rise and empires fall

~Three for the road.

Searching for spring inside winter



~Seeking light paths through the waves.

Optivion - Toronto

binding early winter, I connected the dots,
blue beams crossing through geometry echoes,
below the clouds, along the city.


~Winged mechanical titan blossoms on the melting winter snow.


Wishing all: A Creative Halloween!


optivion-zombie- music- art-halloween-time.

Do your thing: Make everyday your creative Halloween !!


A great “Day of the Dead and Happy Dia de Los Muertos, homiez!







👻🎃 :: Whimsical Halloween Video Game :: 👻🎃


optivion Halloween Video Game



OptivioN - Japanese Halloween Video Games




optivion - Magic School



Halloween-themed games are fun to play all year round. Nonetheless, I doubt any chills can come from the japanese multiplayer kawaii mayhem I am enduring, but I do love the magic atmosphere, fashionable strange friends and the whimsical video music. Find it all here:



Sunday, Sketch, Stitch, Sweep and Shake

Optivion - Painting

space cadets sketching by  Optivion

Optivion - Ghostly Motivation

Optivion - Sunlight

OPTIVION - Gothic Art

Optivion - Colors

Optivion - Colors Yahoo

Optivion- Beard artist

Poem for Sunday Shake
I had painted in October, inside the tune of the day
Was lured by autumn’s crisp ink
Central to the song you came, internal colors
Titian, untitled and cool.
Shake it off, shake it off.
Optivion - The Autumn Tree
~Fools are poets with invisible wings and colorful brushes.
Optivion - The Artist Believes




Nasa Adventure Photos!


Optivion -nasa collage



nasa collage3 by optivion

The glove by OptivioN

cozy by optivion


helmet one

Nasa Boots by OptivioN

Above me the spaceman


rocket boosters by optivion

Optivion - Atlantis

Atlantis Nasa by optivion


Nasa Space Atlantis


space suit 4 by Optivion

nasa collage by OptivioN

nasa pod


nasa mission launch - optivion

Apollo by optivion

boosters Nasa by optivion


engine optivion


nasa fireman by optivion

Nasa fuel by optivion


 Groovy technology, artificial intelligence, and space travel:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 … All engines running. Liftoff!








Once Upon A Time!

Disney - Snow white is a bloody robot

Snow White might be a robot!

Optivion -Disney Peter-pan


Optivion - Alligator


Optivion Disney's Desk

Optivion - Disney Abraham Lincoln Audio-Animatronic

Optivion - Disney

OptivioN - Disney - The Price Of Fame.

The price of fame.

Optivion - disney maleficent dragon

Optivion - Disney Maharajan Jungle

Optivion - tree of life

 Adrenaline Shot for the Tree of Life!

Optivion - Disney World Spooky

Optivion -Animal Kingdom Bat House

Optivion -Disney Fireworks

Had a season pass to Walt Disney World so I photographed a bunch of broken fairytale dreams and sweaty spooky characters walking around at the Magic Kingdom.  I love Tokyo Disney, but the old attractions, mad fireworks, musical howling and dark Disney characters made Walt Disney a fun visit.  Hot humid fantasy becomes a reality as you get lost and puke from heat exhaustion from the Florida sun burning a hole in your brain.  I would recommend tracking down a map and heading towards Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and my favourite: The Haunted Mansion.


~You might also be burning.


Optivion - Oil on canvas - Japan is burning

 We are a very small species interlacing through a tiny sector of time and nature.

Optivion - Oils - Your might be burning

Optivion - Artist


~ Everything is connected.



The Ghoulie Bike by OptivioN


The Ghoulie Bike

Beam the Ghoulie Bike to the surface of the planet. Ride or drift through the Martian desert or an ice moon at the edge of the galaxy overflowing with strange aliens and rogue robots. With air to ground Teleportation ability this motorcycle is a high-speed terrain vehicle that is the perfect mode of planetary  travel or  intergalactic post-apocalyptic road rage.

Red Baby, Red!


Infrared -Ghoulie Bike - Ghoulie Bot by Optivion


The Ghoulie Bike Infrared Check.

Transmission in Motion:  Using infrared energy with a wavelength from about 800 nm to 1 mm!








Ghoulie Wave Three

Ghoulie bot materialize by Optivion

 The Ghoulie Bike Wave.

All is being corrected on the third dimension, muahaha!



The Florida Mutant Bay Comic Con Convention

OptivioN - Starwars Steampunk Trooper Helmet

I was invited by a friend to attend The Tampa Bay Comic Con hosted by tropical stormtroopers, swamp ghouls, intergalactic zombies,  dragon hunters, cosplay mediums and florida mutants.

Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con -  Wasted Again in Margarita Ville  copy


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - The Sexy Phoenix and optivion


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - hello!


Florida -Tampa Bay Comic Con

Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Joker look copy


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - adventure time cosplay


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Starwars? Call me baby.


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Hello starwars friend


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - groovy


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Lil Darth Vader


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - love baby


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Love Gambit marvel


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con Two Lovers


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - atomic terrier


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Pikachu Diet


Florida The Tampa Bay Comic Con - Meow


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Knock him Down copy


Florida The Tampa Bay Comic Con - two of a kind



Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Alice is lost copy


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Hungry


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - cosplay anime two

Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - hello little wizard copy



Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - The zombie, zombie copy


Doctor Who and Optivion



Florida The Tampa Bay Comic Con - Gotcha



Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - the Joker and family




Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Engage


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - The StarTrek Girl copy


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Stars?




Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Superman


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - 800 texts


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con -The Queen in Alice in Wonderland - The Red Queen copy




Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - La Capitana Americana


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - walking


The Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - cheer up captain


Florida The Tampa Bay Comic Con - The Catwoman, optivion and blond


Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - teen titans texting


Florida The Tampa Bay Comic Con - hungry like a WereWolf



Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con - Sub Zero



Florida Tampa Bay Comic Con -The spiderman and girl


Met some very nice fiends, creative artists and graphic legends. I sold some artwork and took some photographs with some new friends, but finally made my escape like a ghostly ninja behind a Jimmy Buffett cosplayer, quite spooky.





Indeed, The Haunted Mansion At Walt Disney World

Welcome, wanderer: My short haunted adventure started when the ghoulish Jessica was kind enough to let me inside. As a child I remembered coming through the same iron gate, but the ghost and her shades had left long ago.

The Optivion and his Mandolin - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - Open The door - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - I am Ready - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The Optivion - Fence - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

I was late for a gig with some fiends at the The Musical Crypt inside The Haunted Mansion and I guess the zombie horn section had it in for me.

The Optivion -Music at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

So I jumped in the Doom Buggy for a spooky ride with creepy ghosts and forgotten Halloween spirits.

The Optivion - The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Found secret passages and watched dancing specters on my way to The Secret Library.

Optivion- The Bride at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The bride went mad, who knows what heart she broke or  left behind for the corporate ladder and the sad reality show playing on a future cable channel.

Optivion - The haunted Text

I believe there are about 999 ghosts and ghouls who always have a great corporate party every night.

Bending A Space Gate.

Ghoulie Pod - Through the Space Gate


 ~The first principle of bending space must be to make new friends.





A “Shortcut” Inside Spacetime

Ghoulie Bot (Optivion) - Bifröst, Rainbow Bridge, Einstein-Rosen bridge

“Spacetime Haiku”

That Bright Star Ruptures
Superior Skysail Soars
The Heart Luring The Light



Hit A Rough Spot: Bend Space And Time.

Optivion - Bend space and time


~A space craft turns quick

~All weight lost in fast black pull

~From brisk storm on star



Download : A Twist Of Gravity



Star Wars “Episode 7” Jedi Ducks?

starwars episode 7 Disney

Use the mouse?


Ahoy, Matey: More Art!

Optivion - Creative artist

What am I doing this month?
I am slowly working on being a bit more clever about counting my time as an artistic entrepreneur. Specially if you travel every few months.
Remember social media and marketing take away from the creative act. Focus on the work and hopefully everything else will start coming together. So keep playing music, writing, drawing and stay creative.


New Art: Mushroom Planetoid

Ghoulie bot - Mushroon Planet by Optivion©

~Underneath the layers we will find Mechanical Mushrooms.

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns to Earth With Space Station Research

Space X Dragon by Optivion

The Dragon returns!


SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship returned safely to Earth Sunday afternoon, NASA announced shortly after its arrival in the Pacific Ocean. Dragon touched down packed with more than 3,500 pounds of scientific samples and other cargo from the International Space Station.

Dragon will be retrieved by boats and taken to Los Angeles, California, then eventually to SpaceX’s McGregor, Texas facility. Some of its cargo, including frozen research samples, will be returned to NASA by Tuesday.

“The science samples returned to Earth are critical to improving our knowledge of how space affects humans who live and work there for long durations,” NASA associate administrator for human exploration and operations William Gerstenmaier said in a statement. “Now that Dragon has returned, scientists can complete their analyses, so we can see how results may impact future human space exploration or provide direct benefits to people on Earth.”

The research materials carried by Dragon could…

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