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~Sketching is flexing the tangible lines from your imagination.

Venus Transit observed from The Ghoulie Pod.

Unless you are very lucky or half android, you might not see it. The next transits of Venus will be on December 10–11, 2117, and another one in December 2125.

Venus transits are historically of great scientific importance as they were used to gain the first realistic estimates and measure of the size of the Solar System. Observations of the 1639 transit, combined with the research of a parallax.

Parallax comes from the Greek  (parallaxis), meaning “alteration”. Closer objects have a bigger parallax than more distant objects when observed from different points, perspective or position, The parallax can be used to determine the measure of distance.

The 2012 transit gave scientists a variation of  exploration opportunities, particularly in the search for exoplanets.


But when I met Merlin, and asked him if these things were truth–
The shining dragon and the naked child
Descending in the glory of the seas–
He laughed as is his wont, and answered me
In riddling triplets of old time, and said:

`”Rain, rain, and sun! a rainbow in the sky!
A young man will be wiser by and by;
An old man’s wit may wander ere he die.
Rain, rain, and sun! a rainbow on the lea!
And truth is this to me, and that to thee;
And truth or clothed or naked let it be.
Rain, sun, and rain! and the free blossom blows:
Sun, rain, and sun! and where is he who knows?
From the great deep to the great deep he goes.”

The Coming of Arthur
by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Shela Skull

It was many years ago,
I befriended Shela Skull.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
Calmly I remember,
it was in a cold December.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
Winter came but lost her bow,
While the ice storm forged a hole.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
No gifts beneath our christmas gore,
The Blizzard’s cold upon the floor.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore:

Broken chime,

Speaking mime,

and Frozen time!

It was many years ago,
That left the splendid:
Shela Skull.

~Le Optivion

The Apter Bots

Apter One and Apter Two, two of the most photographed robots in the galaxy since their first appearance on the cover of Bot Fashion in October 3089, are still enjoying a stellar career – a favourite of the Inverted Droid Planetoid’s most talented robot photographers. For their contribution we asked them to remember their favorite robot shoots and here we have Earth’s very own: Ghoulie Bot – the results are worthy of their robot superstar status.