Happy New Year : Take a Photo, Sing or Make Some New #Art !

Optivion -Happy New Year

Optivion - Japan


Ideas for The New Year

“Hold an umbrella in one hand and a surprise in the other!” 

Find a new book, make some terrible art work. Get lost in a new city. Explore good magic and keep learning new skills! Write a poem, bake some cookies for a friend. Make a treasure map, and if you find  a new key in the clue, make a copy!

Optivion -New Year is here

Perhaps the most important of all, sing your favorite song, loud and clear and don’t worry so much about the harmony!



~You might also be burning.


Optivion - Oil on canvas - Japan is burning

 We are a very small species interlacing through a tiny sector of time and nature.

Optivion - Oils - Your might be burning

Optivion - Artist


~ Everything is connected.

Star Wars “Episode 7” Jedi Ducks?

starwars episode 7 Disney

Use the mouse?


Tokyo Namco Namja Town

Young ghost hunters in training should head to Namco Namja Town.  A haunted theme park containing  japanese zombies, robotic ghouls and feline fiends is located on the Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

 If you get hungry checkout Ice cream Town or Gyoza Town full of Japanese dumplings.

Namja Town will be closed for renovations for six months in 2013.  For more info  WWW.NAMJA.JP