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OptivioN - Japanese Halloween Video Games




optivion - Magic School



Halloween-themed games are fun to play all year round. Nonetheless, I doubt any chills can come from the japanese multiplayer kawaii mayhem I am enduring, but I do love the magic atmosphere, fashionable strange friends and the whimsical video music. Find it all here:  http://ameblo.jp/optivion/



The Lady from Sengoku

Optivion - The Lady from Sengoku
Painting and working with oils again.
“Behold the ghost of the lady from Sengoku.”


Combine presentation and display of a selection of items.

On the table.


Art never formulates or reveals everything, except identity and existence.

~El Optivion

Kengo and Ken chan

The unwritten series is about a futuristic Onigiri robot named Kengo, who travels to another dimension in the future to aid the ghost of a schoolboy, Ken Chan! The majority of the spooky unwritten adventures are comedic enterprises with lessons that include virtues such as honorableness, stamina, audacity, and respect for the planet. The most dynamic explorations include homeless ghosts, time machines, global warming, endangered animals, radiation pollution.

Optivion’s Halloween coloring page!

Get your own Optivion’s Halloween Coloring page.

If it rains share your cover and your thoughts! Happy Halloween!

The Gloomads- (All Three)

Optivion-The gloomads(All 3)

The Gloomads: (Helmiculous, Lizar, Mago)

A team of Necro-suckles!

The Gloomads are the sworn enemies of The Misfoids. The origin of the Gloomads is shrouded in mystery. They strongly dislike The Twilight movie series,  but do love Mexican pizza day!