Autumn Mine


Advance: That decade of stony discovery
Angle dip with a smile made from golden appetites
The backfill waste of energy loss
The last of the green eyes with combustible claws hides:
… the last of the wilderness
Beneficiation running black diamonds and somber fuel pumps
A franchise made of pure crop coal,
but remember eventually the black suits will fade
Shrubs, timbers, and ferns will rise from concrete wastelands
The conveyors will be solar and the wind will guide them.

New Music Video: just in time for #Halloween






‘Protect Again’ from the album Free Unicorn, Download on iTunes and enjoy coke!

Nature Draft: Have a Green St. Patty’s Day!

Optivion - Nature Journey

Gaze into nature and the wild will glimpse into you.

OptivioN - Treasure Island

The island hidden and hard to reach contains the best treasure.

Optivion - Nature Pictures

Perhaps it looks random, but it is all connected at the source.

optivion - Young Black Crane

A solitary bird is surrounded by color.

OptivioN - Tree

A few shades of green makes you reach and smile.
Have a great Saint Patrick’s Day.