Once in a while become an Elf


A Game of Poe at The Library

Optivion - more artwork

Sold some new art, spent the day at the Library, wrote a silly poem:

optivion - edgar allan poe artprint.jpg

California - a game of poe artwork by optivion.jpg

My close raven, you inspire me to draw.
Beyond the ocean a dream with dragon eyes
Hijacking my solemn day and through the sunscreen lotion,
Always seeking glory beyond the gloomy vie.

Let me compare you to a somber Bonsai?
You are more bony, grandiose and wild.
Humid drought dries the wet picnics of July,
And summertime has the HBO fairchild.

How do I love you? Let me sketch the ways.
I love your digital sword, Lenore and wolf.
Thinking of your blond hair fills my days.
My love for you is the lunar steppenwolf.

Now I must away with a binge heart,
And watch all the episodes whilst we’re apart.

Took some photos:

clearwater photo


clearwater library haunted ghost


MegacoN Shenanigans

MegaCon, short for Mega Wicked, is a large convention that includes; comics, anime, horror, scifi events, annual cosplay/ and all-genre costume contests, ultra geek- panels, and electronic raves, so I chased stormtroopers, sold art and had lots fun.

optivion - comiccon display

Halloween Kin

Tonight, tonight,

All the children with spooky tricks and lightning treats
Want candy from suburbia hounds and ghoulish housewives for a goblin’s feast
Knock, knock, take all you can with your little black hands
The bony gates open to the loud march bands from the wild crow lands
The last witch wakes counting all the doors as the haunting begins
Before the ghostly dance from forgotten graves speak of the hour at hand..

Myst and rain fall, so FIRE we call

CALLING FIRE! for fire frees all

So tonight, tonight,

The Werewolf seems once again lost deeply in the full moon’s embrace
The vampire cries for all the time the young lovers had waste
The Mummy just crumbles remembering her gaze

On this night, tonight,

Please do not forget, my lost ancient kin
Beneath the silly masks
We were all childhood friends.

Autumn Mine


Advance: That decade of stony discovery
Angle dip with a smile made from golden appetites
The backfill waste of energy loss
The last of the green eyes with combustible claws hides:
…..in the last of the wilderness
Beneficiation running black diamonds and somber fuel pumps
A franchise made of pure crop coal,
but remember eventually the black suits will fade
Shrubs, timbers, and ferns will rise from concrete wastelands
The conveyors will be solar and the wind will guide them.

“Halloween Forecast”

“Spooky Moon Shake” From the album “Halloween Forecast”
Download on iTunes and Billboard

Here is a new jolly spooky tune:  Halloween is my favorite time to reflect and zap things together. Just remember: do your thing, blend, create, dream, and stop when you want. Rules don’t apply to my music and artwork, so enjoy, shine or change.
No matter, there is always moonlight above the clouds.

Pokemon Steampunk Shenanigan

Pikachu: WITNESS ME!!

Desert Power


Scheduled to create mighty #Optivion sonic waves at the intergalactic Burningman.

 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅

 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅

 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅

 🎶🌅 🎶🌅 🎶🌅

 🎶🌅 🎶🌅


Download new single : The Exit and The Road

New Music Video: just in time for #Halloween






‘Protect Again’ from the album Free Unicorn, Download on iTunes and enjoy coke!

Wishing all: A Creative Halloween!


optivion-zombie- music- art-halloween-time.

Do your thing: Make everyday your creative Halloween !!


A great “Day of the Dead and Happy Dia de Los Muertos, homiez!







👻🎃 :: Whimsical Halloween Video Game :: ðŸ‘»ðŸŽƒ


optivion Halloween Video Game



OptivioN - Japanese Halloween Video Games




optivion - Magic School



Halloween-themed games are fun to play all year round. Nonetheless, I doubt any chills can come from the japanese multiplayer kawaii mayhem I am enduring, but I do love the magic atmosphere, fashionable strange friends and the whimsical video music. Find it all here:  http://ameblo.jp/optivion/



Zombie Prom

%22optivion%22 - halloween zombie groove

I heard the calling of the undead on my way to Halloween Horror Nights and decided to stop by the safety of the harbor and check the paranormal section at the library and of course watch the spooky zombie prom.

optivion zombie prom

optivion - ghoul tribe

zombie girls


The Zombie Prom




“Here comes Halloween so ask your school librarian for a scary book”


Indeed, The Haunted Mansion At Walt Disney World

Welcome, wanderer: My short haunted adventure started when the ghoulish Jessica was kind enough to let me inside. As a child I remembered coming through the same iron gate, but the ghost and her shades had left long ago.

The Optivion and his Mandolin - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - Open The door - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - I am Ready - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The Optivion - Fence - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

I was late for a gig with some fiends at the The Musical Crypt inside The Haunted Mansion and I guess the zombie horn section had it in for me.

The Optivion -Music at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

So I jumped in the Doom Buggy for a spooky ride with creepy ghosts and forgotten Halloween spirits.

The Optivion - The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Found secret passages and watched dancing specters on my way to The Secret Library.

Optivion- The Bride at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The bride went mad, who knows what heart she broke or  left behind for the corporate ladder and the sad reality show playing on a future cable channel.

Optivion - The haunted Text

I believe there are about 999 ghosts and ghouls who always have a great corporate party every night.

Ahoy, Matey: More Art!

Optivion - Creative artist

What am I doing this month?
I am slowly working on being a bit more clever about counting my time as an artistic entrepreneur. Specially if you travel every few months.
Remember social media and marketing take away from the creative act. Focus on the work and hopefully everything else will start coming together. So keep playing music, writing, drawing and stay creative.


A Happy New Prosperous and Creative Year To All

Optivion - Happy NEW Year Cheers


~Make new mistakes, draw strange pictures,
write neoteric poetry, dance in the kitchen and sing to the ocean… Cheers! 
~Feliz Año Nuevo 

Sparks Shifting.

Optivion - I believe she is an android from Japan

~She is an android with a backpack full of friends.
Ella es como un robot!

Optivion - Stars

Music creates stars inside the spaces.

Optivion - In the cosmic shed

Cosmic Session.

Optivion - Halloween in Christmas Land

Halloween inside Christmas.
(That’s exactly what I mean!)


Pumpkin Smile Widely

Optivion -Pumpkin

Never cared to be like other pumpkins-
I tried once, but I grew eyes and waited
And the arrival of the birds painted color
Through the fields and the brush.

Never cared to be like other pumpkins-
I tried once, but I grew fangs and slept
And the taste of the universe hungered color
Through the concrete and the bruises.

Never cared to be like other pumpkins-
I tried once, but I grew hands and waited
And the touch of her coat melted color
Through the whiteout and the harmonica.

Never cared to be like other pumpkins-
I tried once, but I grew orange and slept
And the arrival of the farmers inhaled color
Through the enlightened and the fall.


Calling The Wizard.

Calling the wizard - Optivion

(Watercolor and Ink)

~Another wizard,

I can shoulder it my self, thy trust in the stars.

A walking book of spells, dragon holds the key, the night’s structure,
Silence has crossed.

Thee with the sight, you look quite a vision.
You wanted it too.

I will get the music started.

If you came for an explanation?
Maybe I am some kind of freak.

Ocean, flash, dream:

– From “Manual of  Edward Blueflames” by the Princess April Skullpop

Friday The Thirteen, Beware!

Optivion - It's Friday The Thirteen

~ Happy Friday the 13th!
Beware of board games, monsters, hockey masks and politicians!


“Feliz Viernes 13, se acerca Halloween!”

Jack O’ Goldbot

I am conjuring up some pre Halloween fun. “Jack O’ Goldbot ” is on the case.  Lately I have been spending more time with nature and away from technology.  The future is here:  Drones, iPhones, Wi-fi and self-tracking computers all following your data and your path. Technology with its silver claws making you feel good about being connected to cyber friends and golden apps.  All is well, but perhaps the companies that organize all your data might use it against you in the coming years. Privacy, credit and health insurance data will all be collected under your identity or your given number, muahaha!

Jack O'Lantern robot -Optivion


¿Quién no compraría uno de estos robots?

The Candy Seal

Nothing escapes me. No one escapes me. Not even a Kit Kat or your last Twix!
~The Seventh Seal (The Criterion Collection)

La películaEl Séptimo Sello”

Combine presentation and display of a selection of items.

On the table.


Art never formulates or reveals everything, except identity and existence.

~El Optivion

Tom Tom Ghoulie Â©

Tom Tom Ghoulie ©  is a paramount young robot created to guard a cosmic dimensional time gate hidden in a small island. Evil-doers beware!  The Ghoulie Bot is on the case…

Creating a Ghoulie Bot:

Tom Tom is a fully mechanical android robot.

Ghoulie Technology: is combined, designed and created from devices, mechanisms, techniques, weapons and methods from two places: The Inverted Droid Planetoid and Halloween Metro City.

If you would like to see a step-by-step robot tutorial, please find another blog.

Retro Space Suit (Happy Halloween)

~Happy Halloween everyone. I am posting a sketch of the Loopticon space suit. A uniform that keeps the Loopticon alive in the harsh geography of cold space. The Loopticon’s modern space suit contains basic pressure armor with a complex computer system and tracking equipment with environmental systems designed to keep the catalyst on his mission.

The retro suit is worn inside a spaceship as a safety precaution in case of loss of cabin pressure, surprise vacuum and negative temperature increase. The suit’s components are necessary for extra-vehicular activity and bounty hunting outside the spacecraft. The Loopticion suit is a prototype and has been used for Intergalactic orbit, on the surface of the marian landscape, and en route back from a wormhole.

Kengo and Ken chan

The unwritten series is about a futuristic Onigiri robot named Kengo, who travels to another dimension in the future to aid the ghost of a schoolboy, Ken Chan! The majority of the spooky unwritten adventures are comedic enterprises with lessons that include virtues such as honorableness, stamina, audacity, and respect for the planet. The most dynamic explorations include homeless ghosts, time machines, global warming, endangered animals, radiation pollution.

Tokyo Namco Namja Town

Young ghost hunters in training should head to Namco Namja Town.  A haunted theme park containing  japanese zombies, robotic ghouls and feline fiends is located on the Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

 If you get hungry checkout Ice cream Town or Gyoza Town full of Japanese dumplings.

Namja Town will be closed for renovations for six months in 2013.  For more info  WWW.NAMJA.JP

Halloween Forecast

Halloween Forecast by Optivionこのアーティストの作品を見る曲をプレビューするには、タイトルの上にマウスを移動して再生ボタンをクリックしてください。音楽を購入、ダウンロードするには iTunes を開いてください。
Halloween Forecast by optivion
Why so many ghoulish trends? A fiendish return with skeleton patterns and specter-esque garments flutter like fake grins and a mouth full of yearly candy corn! There is also a test that each spooky visionary has to discover. Halloween’s quiet pulse, especially now that goblins go facebook zombie and bananas before consumers have even had a haunting chance to get to the store and make a deal. Run before vampiristic advertising campaigns find you! Muahahahaha!

“The Black Queen”

“The Queen of Hearts Kingdom, Tokyo”

“I found some inspiration!”

“Crypticly and crypticon”! cried the Black Queen. She became so suddenly furtive and silent that she began to disappear amongst the spring flowers. “Now, I’m opening  a wormhole through the edge of the garden that leads to a story which was never written. Disperse, you two!”

She commanded. She looked at the basket and continued to vanish into the wood.

“Oh, my. I hope he is waiting. I wonder if he will have that silver mouth harp of his. No time!  Put on your vest, stalwart. Time to slay a dragon. ‘Thy island of light will be able to mend all in Blue Fang. It will be great to walk amongst friends again. Be benevolent, forward!”


(Watercolor & Ink)


Bome's polaroid

Bomi is a monster that likes to play late in to the night. He is a legendary creature from the forgotten closet sector of the kingdom of  Doomania. He will usually appear under your bed in the month of august, asking for grape jelly.