Picturesque Scenery and a Merry Christmas.

Optivion - Blizzard

Optivion - Nature

“Fire melts ice, always has, always will.”

Optivion - A Christmas Fire Kumamon #japan

Optivion - Santa is a Bear

Kumamon is Santa?

OptivioN - Christmas in Japan

Optivion - Spooky Christmas

Optivion - Colonel Sanders Christmas

Optivion - Christmas Anime

Optivion - Pig

Optivion - Climb The Wall Reach The Castle

“Climb The Wall And Perhaps Reach The Castle”

Optivion - Wood from the castle

Optivion - Japan

The sun always rises.

Star Wars “Episode 7” Jedi Ducks?

starwars episode 7 Disney

Use the mouse?


Tinieblas Awaits.

Once upon a time, I secretly desired and wanted to wrestle the mighty “Tinieblas!”

Masked Warfare was indeed my calling.  Lucha Libre with “Tinieblas, Son of the night”

So I trained on the high mountain peaks of the Andes, calling upon sacred elements to conserve energy and endure extreme cold temperatures.

But sweet Chanchito, it was only a dream.