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Light Spindle

Optivion - LIGHT SPINDLE MUSIC art.jpg

Hello Internet orb, wishing all who stumble upon my words and simple blog, a creative and harmonious year.  Once more I have constructed more music and artwork. Traveled a bit and learned a lot about people, myself, DNA tests, Scandinavian ancestry, rare harmonicas, NGC 2244, chocolate, coffee, departure, family and the idea of love within nature.




Returning to the deep questions and the slant answers between the fabric of current reality: The turning axis of the light machine, which often has a cylinder at its heart. Perhaps the universe is indeed a magical cylinder.

Optivion-April Skullpop Sky Bike-Web 1.jpg

The process of creativity at the moment: a spindle consisting of linear components and new melodies connected to memories. My environment holding colorful sketches dripping with old paint while I super-glue ancient photos towards discrete elements that can be assembled and disperse mostly by visual interpretations and melodic sound-waves.

japanese art library.jpg

optivion - hello.jpg


Imagine: A Luminous spindle, a unit of measurement used by faery folk, robotic shoguns, steampunk welkin vessels and intergalactic nebula tailors.

Drafting : Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe

Takehiko Inoue Interprets Gaudi’s Universe — at 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“Fun, but no photos allowed.”

OPTIVION -  GAUDI CHAIR Casa Calvet Armchair (heart-shaped back)

Ink Sketch : Casa Calvet Armchair
( Heart – shaped back )

Artist Antoni Gaudí sketch by Optivion

My graphite sketch of Antoni Gaudí.

Optivion - 長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectual Art Museum.

“The museum : a place of visual remedy and creative rejuvenation.”

(長崎県美術館 Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum.)

More info: http://www.gaudinoue.com


Happy New Year : Take a Photo, Sing or Make Some New #Art !

Optivion -Happy New Year

Optivion - Japan


Ideas for The New Year

“Hold an umbrella in one hand and a surprise in the other!” 

Find a new book, make some terrible art work. Get lost in a new city. Explore good magic and keep learning new skills! Write a poem, bake some cookies for a friend. Make a treasure map, and if you find  a new key in the clue, make a copy!

Optivion -New Year is here

Perhaps the most important of all, sing your favorite song, loud and clear and don’t worry so much about the harmony!



Picturesque Scenery and a Merry Christmas.

Optivion - Blizzard

Optivion - Nature

“Fire melts ice, always has, always will.”

Optivion - A Christmas Fire Kumamon #japan

Optivion - Santa is a Bear

Kumamon is Santa?

OptivioN - Christmas in Japan

Optivion - Spooky Christmas

Optivion - Colonel Sanders Christmas

Optivion - Christmas Anime

Optivion - Pig

Optivion - Climb The Wall Reach The Castle

“Climb The Wall And Perhaps Reach The Castle”

Optivion - Wood from the castle

Optivion - Japan

The sun always rises.

Endorsing Creativity

Optivion - Happy New Year ND hAPPY nEW aRT

Put some shade and color in your day.
Who cares what they say: Make some art!

New Art by OptivioN

What is light and what is shadow?

New Art Sketch by Optivion

The piece below was influenced by a tax increase that pushed Japan’s economy into a recession.

Optivion - Sculpture - Recession Japan

Spooky! Been soundlessly working with sculpture.

Optivion - Three for the road sculpture

Empires rise and empires fall

~Three for the road.

~You might also be burning.


Optivion - Oil on canvas - Japan is burning

 We are a very small species interlacing through a tiny sector of time and nature.

Optivion - Oils - Your might be burning

Optivion - Artist


~ Everything is connected.

Star Wars “Episode 7” Jedi Ducks?

starwars episode 7 Disney

Use the mouse?


The Forgotten Reactors


Optivion - The Forgotten Reactor (Japan)
Japan’s cabinet approved an energy policy reversing the previous government’s plans to slowly retire nuclear power plants, Total amnesia forgetting the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

 Optivion - Forgotten Reactors

~At times the future seems blighted!

Kyoto Garden Wormhole

Optivion - Kyoto Garden Wormhole



While in Kyoto I made a piece or artwork titled: The Lady and the Wormhole.
The gardens in the city set a mood of serenity and quiet embrace. I was working on a short story about a woman who could travel through space using her garden as the vehicle. I had a dream about her wearing a blue kimono using the small magical landscape to travel through time. In Japan the landscape is part of the history of the town or the prefecture. The Shinto religion is ancient in the country and it holds trees, springs and mountains to be places of spiritual power. It would seem any of the gardens I visited would have the possibility for intergalactic transformation, well at least in my imagination.




Android 22

Android 22 by Optivion

(Watercolor and Ink)

The ninja manager of Japan’s tsunami-radioactive Fukushima nuclear plant is quite sad about another hidden leak of fresh radioactive water spilling on October 2013.

The untouchable Tokyo Electric Power Company spoke on the news about the 430 liters of toxic water spilled into the near by land and the Pacific Ocean, seems that workers did not keep an eye on the amount inside a water storage tank.

TEPCO says it did the best to store rainwater from recent typhoons. The main tank was primitive, it was constructed poorly and had no measuring gauge.

The Android was let in by the side door down the dark plant by my imagination and it was allowed a moment to scan for the responsible parties.



Remember - "Optivion" - Oil Painting

~Time shuffles through a path, memory seems to walk beyond the trees.
(“Remember” Oil Painting)


Protecting the magic. (魔法の家の守護者達)

Optivion- Oil Painting -Protecting the magic
“Through purple tulips, alchemy and the wild wood, protecting the magic.”

Guardián de la casa de magia.

Mysterious koropokkuru and Landscape art

Korobokuru 4

~Through the trees I saw two mysterious koropokkuru
having fun by the great mount Fuji.

The Lady from Sengoku

Optivion - The Lady from Sengoku
Painting and working with oils again.
“Behold the ghost of the lady from Sengoku.”


Curious Bot

Optivion - RABU 1 Optivion - RABU 2 Optivion - RABU 3 Optivion - RABU 4 Optivion - RABU 5 Optivion RABU BOT 6

It’s alive!
Animate your robot collection with an automated menagerie.
E.S One Bot™ is a fun and priceless collectible designer toy created by me.
At its essence, Optivion™ is about imaginative action and expression and the mysterious thrill of the journey.

Product Features:
.Stands 3.75″ tall
.Classic Optivion
.Plasma fuel cell

Quiet Storm

Before the storm
A child jumps the wave
From the coast.


Smiling from the field
In a silent sakura mist
– Island flower burns.


The ancient mask

siren shouts out

Vapor of fire



Happy Zombie Thanksgiving

Find out how the Vampire Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving together at Plymouth Plantation.
Where is the turkey?

ターキー(七面鳥)はどこだい? ハッピー・サンクスギビング☆

Metropolis Post (Ghoulie Pod)

For the bright growing metropolis manifests propositions for the future: Opening highways of growth, material solitude, oxidizing lights, graffiti philosophy, intimate steam, hungry superstructures, hybrid doom streets and tunneled knowledge.

Ameba Halloween Ninja (Shinobi Pigg)

I am a covert shadow who specializes in killing zombies, vampires, scenesters and unorthodox creativity.

A video game is an electronic vampire that needs human time and energy to feed its evolution.

~The Optivion

Halloween Party

I will deliver a cloud nine intergalactic soulful electro-opera, opening with medleys from my recently released album “Create Curiosity” before going full-throttle into a wildly quixotic sonic sorcery…muahaha.

The EP “Create Curiosity”



The locomotive has no country

everywhere a journey requested.

Strange ticket underneath the staircase:

The clock, the feet, the wait,

A spring of regularity exists on passing pulses used to measure a destination.

The bridge above still.


Metal opening,

 Dreams enter,

So starts the mechanical wheeled titan.

(The Ghoulie Bot Train will arrive on a secret mission in the year 2068)

Tokyo Tower

The Ghoulie Bot has a hidden transistor in Tokyo Tower (東京タワー, Tōkyō tawā) that activates a secret dimensional portal located in Shiba Park, Tokyo, Japan. At 333 metres (1,093 ft) the tower can conduct a high amount of energy for teleportation.

Just singing in the rain.

Phyllis’s parasol also called ubber-brolly, gloomshade, spookshade, soggy gamp or black bumbershoot is a canopy designed to protect your perception.

El  terremoto y tsunami en Japón afectó  la planta nuclear de Fukushima, abrió el debate sobre el peligro del uso de la energía nuclear. La era nuclear es parte del presente.  Represento esa sensación experimentada por mi arte.


The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit in Tokyo-Shima

The Hatter will never stop drinking his tea and never forget that The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen. Far behind the cherry blossom we can see the Fukushima hydrogen explosion. Perhaps a “New Beginning” with a new perspective on how we see the safety, potential harm and future of nuclear energy.

The art work was made from recycled materials.

Reactor 3


No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change:
Thy pyramids built up with newer might
To me are nothing novel, nothing strange;
They are but dressings of a former sight.
Our dates are brief, and therefore we admire
What thou dost foist upon us that is old,
And rather make them born to our desire
Than think that we before have heard them told.
Thy registers and thee I both defy,
Not wondering at the present nor the past,
For thy records and what we see doth lie,
Made more or less by thy continual haste.
This I do vow and this shall ever be;
I will be true, despite thy scythe and thee.

~Mr. Shakespear

Tokyo Art Convention

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Lots of art and no sad tomatoes.

Kengo and Ken chan

The unwritten series is about a futuristic Onigiri robot named Kengo, who travels to another dimension in the future to aid the ghost of a schoolboy, Ken Chan! The majority of the spooky unwritten adventures are comedic enterprises with lessons that include virtues such as honorableness, stamina, audacity, and respect for the planet. The most dynamic explorations include homeless ghosts, time machines, global warming, endangered animals, radiation pollution.

Reactor 4

The No.4  reactor building was partly destroyed by early explosions. TEPCO is trying to set up a structure to support the pool from underneath to keep it together.  At the moment Radioactive steam is escaping from the danger zone. Perhaps love can keep it together for now. 相当酷いみたいだな。。。溶解した燃料が移動していると⇒ (o-o) 放射能

Kyoto X Gang



The simple concept of the Kyoto X Gang is that under a new cloud of radiation there is an increasing anti-mutant Movement. The Batter-Bunny decides to train three young mutants to use their powers for the benefit of Japan, and to prove mutants can be good. Batter-Bunny recruited Yuta Bowie, Nana Nene and Mizu Girl.