Mysterious koropokkuru and Landscape art

Korobokuru 4

~Through the trees I saw two mysterious koropokkuru
having fun by the great mount Fuji.


A navigator’s primary responsibility is to be aware of sonic pulses and sound wave position.

Just singing in the rain.

Phyllis’s parasol also called ubber-brolly, gloomshade, spookshade, soggy gamp or black bumbershoot is a canopy designed to protect your perception.

El  terremoto y tsunami en Japón afectó  la planta nuclear de Fukushima, abrió el debate sobre el peligro del uso de la energía nuclear. La era nuclear es parte del presente.  Represento esa sensación experimentada por mi arte.


The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit in Tokyo-Shima

The Hatter will never stop drinking his tea and never forget that The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen. Far behind the cherry blossom we can see the Fukushima hydrogen explosion. Perhaps a “New Beginning” with a new perspective on how we see the safety, potential harm and future of nuclear energy.

The art work was made from recycled materials.

Kengo and Ken chan

The unwritten series is about a futuristic Onigiri robot named Kengo, who travels to another dimension in the future to aid the ghost of a schoolboy, Ken Chan! The majority of the spooky unwritten adventures are comedic enterprises with lessons that include virtues such as honorableness, stamina, audacity, and respect for the planet. The most dynamic explorations include homeless ghosts, time machines, global warming, endangered animals, radiation pollution.

Tea Time ‘Tokyo-Shima Project’

It’s a hot Tokyo summer this year so I used one of the hydrogen explosions for inspiration.

The Hatter will never stop drinking his tea and never forget that The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen.

Ravens and Writing-desks

“and the second thing is to find my way into that lovely garden.

I think that will be the best plan.’

“He was part of my dream, of course — but then I was part of his dream, too!”