The artist like a detective.

Inside the walls,

It’s all transpired.
From the red brush, spilled patterns and a violet mandolin on the empty stage.
The broken pieces below the table.
The blue sakura through the curtains, whispering.
The sirens in the garden wait for no koi.

Inside the process,

It’s all predicted.
From the stained glass, opened puzzles and a silver harmonica on a crowded hall.
The dusty boots crossing the bridge.
The prints on the moon, fingers.
The tridents in the attic wait for no dragon.


~The artist is very much like a detective.
~El artista es como un detective.

( ⓛฺ OPTIVION ⓛฺ )

Fashion Stomp

optivion - The silent sonata

optivion-The fashionable-one

optivion - it-feels-like-this #Fashion

~The OptivioN~

Fashion is the habitual extensive description for an appearance or pattern,
mostly in clothing, art, magazines, music, or chairs? To me “fashion” symbolizes capturing the magic of the moment. Happy visual patterns to you.