The Chest

June, aged chest in the old firehouse. We wonder!

Among rusty broken walls and a primordial fire extinguisher

Beyond the cracks and venerable tiled matrix

Camera-eyes capture the ghost of the last ladderman

Obsolete doors calling ancient smoke jumpers

Beauty holds no bounds even for the versed

You don’t have to put on that red light

German medusa with the golden hair was smiling

But I was patient and waited:

Harmonica with the skeleton key

Stoutness by my side: unsealed


The Chest

A “Shortcut” Inside Spacetime

Ghoulie Bot (Optivion) - Bifröst, Rainbow Bridge, Einstein-Rosen bridge

“Spacetime Haiku”

That Bright Star Ruptures
Superior Skysail Soars
The Heart Luring The Light



The Southern Gothic

OptivioN -The Southern Gothic

(Original watercolor and  ink commission)

The Southern Gothic
Beyond the dead we will take a walk:
Fondly remembering the remains cut from stone.
The rebels authentic, bright sweeping falls!!
Beyond the gates we will take a rest:
Once the roses dry, antiquated thorns drew blood.
The rain murmuring, white sunny memories!!
Beyond the steps we will brake a lock:
Fiercely calling the chants from bones .
The uniforms youthful, stained magic rises!!

The Valentine Bandit

Optivion The Valentine Bandit

I will find you wild roses:

And words for your spirit

silent coffee roasting in the dark

holding a patch of sunlight from the porch.

I will form a spring of flame:

And melt the urban ice

soaking green from the brush

holding a few minutes of endless embrace.

Optivion - Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is not about hearts, it’s about strawberries.

February Open

Optivion - Urban Set Create Curiosity

White Wind is in the open.
Lucky juncture from above-
I daresay, found the falcon.
Persuaded on the reach-
Fierce and candid tone.

The set is on concrete, remember the pipes.

Spring Feathers in the words.
Lantern precious on the keys-
I daresay, in the plot.
Peach on the table-
February and citrus taste.

A Tree of Life

Tree of life

A luminous twisted wood
Chorus pulp of the ancient
In any age experienced-
Rings run endless spirals.

A timber floats above
Cloaked Chapter of the seasons
In any being wiser-
Ruling living scripts modestly.

A structure bound divine
Calling branches of the green
In any sense stronger-
Roaring breath feeds you.

A perennial code whispers
Circumjacent pull of the vein
In any task elegant-
Remnant rush silently regenerates.

The artist like a detective.

Inside the walls,

It’s all transpired.
From the red brush, spilled patterns and a violet mandolin on the empty stage.
The broken pieces below the table.
The blue sakura through the curtains, whispering.
The sirens in the garden wait for no koi.

Inside the process,

It’s all predicted.
From the stained glass, opened puzzles and a silver harmonica on a crowded hall.
The dusty boots crossing the bridge.
The prints on the moon, fingers.
The tridents in the attic wait for no dragon.


~The artist is very much like a detective.
~El artista es como un detective.

( ⓛฺ OPTIVION ⓛฺ )

See U Later..

~God through the stitches,
and the snowy blue memory lights up.
A connection to violet blossoms and dream bits from beyond.
From clouds of white eternal watch:
Thank you and See U Later.

(Sayonara) さよなら、気楽にやってね。

~ Clearing Starlights

The stars above a silent refuge.
Looking and editing the heavens.
The clearing lights between the dark.
Far, far away, a sunrise.


Another Spooky Cat

Reading a Cat, inspecting the form and peering below.
Just Curious of open shadows?
Strolling can’t be simply enough?
The vampire knows the tale of her whiskers.
The moon knows the heart of her past.
The stripes know the edge of her lines.
But you must leap at the guess of it all and beware of the Claws.
Interfere with a game or a harmonica slide:
Tampering, tampering, slippery, sleeping.
The secret hides well every time:
adore, Conquer, abandoned, Calming, adored.

Shela Skull

It was many years ago,
I befriended Shela Skull.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
Calmly I remember,
it was in a cold December.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
Winter came but lost her bow,
While the ice storm forged a hole.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore.
No gifts beneath our christmas gore,
The Blizzard’s cold upon the floor.
On the ocean with no bay,
with a haunted ancient shore:

Broken chime,

Speaking mime,

and Frozen time!

It was many years ago,
That left the splendid:
Shela Skull.

~Le Optivion

September Drone

Drone through the day
(and every one fades)
Laughter in silence
fluorescent mermaids
The drone of the hour
walks by the bay!!
(Perhaps to think
before the spell of dusk)
A moment of droning
it all comes undone:
Drone through the day
(in ancient Nippon)
Running in caution
robotic barmaid…
They tremble with power,
Remember Pompeii.