Tropical Robot Lovers Unite at The Burg!!

“The best way to observe a spacecraft is to become a spacecraft”

“Following the star light of friendship, I left the Old galaxy.”

~Ghoulie Bot

July is Ghoulie Bot Month

“I process, command and designate, therefore I am.”

~Ghoulie Bot

El robot que piensa por sí mismo ya no es un asunto de ciencia ficción.


Tom Tom Ghoulie ©

Tom Tom Ghoulie ©  is a paramount young robot created to guard a cosmic dimensional time gate hidden in a small island. Evil-doers beware!  The Ghoulie Bot is on the case…

Creating a Ghoulie Bot:

Tom Tom is a fully mechanical android robot.

Ghoulie Technology: is combined, designed and created from devices, mechanisms, techniques, weapons and methods from two places: The Inverted Droid Planetoid and Halloween Metro City.

If you would like to see a step-by-step robot tutorial, please find another blog.