Zombie Prom

%22optivion%22 - halloween zombie groove

I heard the calling of the undead on my way to Halloween Horror Nights and decided to stop by the safety of the harbor and check the paranormal section at the library and of course watch the spooky zombie prom.

optivion zombie prom

optivion - ghoul tribe

zombie girls


The Zombie Prom




“Here comes Halloween so ask your school librarian for a scary book”


Indeed, The Haunted Mansion At Walt Disney World

Welcome, wanderer: My short haunted adventure started when the ghoulish Jessica was kind enough to let me inside. As a child I remembered coming through the same iron gate, but the ghost and her shades had left long ago.

The Optivion and his Mandolin - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - Open The door - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Optivion - I am Ready - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The Optivion - Fence - Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

I was late for a gig with some fiends at the The Musical Crypt inside The Haunted Mansion and I guess the zombie horn section had it in for me.

The Optivion -Music at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

So I jumped in the Doom Buggy for a spooky ride with creepy ghosts and forgotten Halloween spirits.

The Optivion - The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

Found secret passages and watched dancing specters on my way to The Secret Library.

Optivion- The Bride at The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disney World

The bride went mad, who knows what heart she broke or  left behind for the corporate ladder and the sad reality show playing on a future cable channel.

Optivion - The haunted Text

I believe there are about 999 ghosts and ghouls who always have a great corporate party every night.

Just singing in the rain.

Phyllis’s parasol also called ubber-brolly, gloomshade, spookshade, soggy gamp or black bumbershoot is a canopy designed to protect your perception.

El  terremoto y tsunami en Japón afectó  la planta nuclear de Fukushima, abrió el debate sobre el peligro del uso de la energía nuclear. La era nuclear es parte del presente.  Represento esa sensación experimentada por mi arte.


The Gloomads- (All Three)

Optivion-The gloomads(All 3)

The Gloomads: (Helmiculous, Lizar, Mago)

A team of Necro-suckles!

The Gloomads are the sworn enemies of The Misfoids. The origin of the Gloomads is shrouded in mystery. They strongly dislike The Twilight movie series,  but do love Mexican pizza day!