Egon Schiele、1890年6月12日 – 1918年10月31日

The artist egon schiele by optivion

The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit in Tokyo-Shima

The Hatter will never stop drinking his tea and never forget that The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen. Far behind the cherry blossom we can see the Fukushima hydrogen explosion. Perhaps a “New Beginning” with a new perspective on how we see the safety, potential harm and future of nuclear energy.

The art work was made from recycled materials.

UFO over the Everglades, FL

I have  finally put together this composition from an old sketch made from the sighting of a UFO at close sight over the everglades. While living in Florida, my friends and I decided to go see the band, Dead Can Dance, in Miami. We piled into a classic looking van and drove up Route 60. After an exciting but exhausting concert, we piled back into the van and started to head home. Suddenly, we were caught in a circle of strange lights that hovered above us. With a shrill of screams echoing throughout the van, we quickly sped up trying to flee the levitating triangle above us. Suddenly, in a classic X-Files moment, the van stalled and we were forced to pull off to the side of the road. My best friend (and the driver), Victor, stepped out of the car despite everyone’s panicked warnings. Victor, almost hypnotized, stared up at the hovering craft and began to walk forward. Just then, we found ourselves driving back on the interstate without any recollection of how the car started again with two hours completely unaccounted for. To this day, only my friend Victor and I remember the metallic aircraft and its brilliant halo of lights. Everyone else in the van that night has no memory of the UFO.

The Lamia Three

The Lamia Three are mechanical royal bodyguards. The Vampire’s king protocol dictates that visitors entering The Tower Of The Lamia are to be covertly observed and then approached by the Floating Trio Escorts.


Basteina Robotic Vampire Queen Vixen by Optivion

Basteina likes long walks in the beach, tango night, plasma chip cookie dough, sugar coated smilodons, late night with Desmodus rotundus and all kinds of cats!

The Gloomads- (All Three)

Optivion-The gloomads(All 3)

The Gloomads: (Helmiculous, Lizar, Mago)

A team of Necro-suckles!

The Gloomads are the sworn enemies of The Misfoids. The origin of the Gloomads is shrouded in mystery. They strongly dislike The Twilight movie series,  but do love Mexican pizza day!


Bome's polaroid

Bomi is a monster that likes to play late in to the night. He is a legendary creature from the forgotten closet sector of the kingdom of  Doomania. He will usually appear under your bed in the month of august, asking for grape jelly.


The Memories

Optivion-Expanded Antiquarian
Optivion-Expanded Librarian
Optivion-Expanded Ghost

Three Characters from a short story.


People are starting to loose their memories which causes an influx in cases for The Arkivists.
As memories begin to dissolve, a disenchanted academic nemesis known as The Pilgrim tries to create an army of ancient angel hybrids.